Blood is not thicker than water….Unconditional love is what makes a family.

The love of a mother comes in many different forms. Some mothers show love at a distance yet you are right there in her heart. God sometimes lays it on a women’s heart to take over where another mom left off. I call these moms angels sent from God.

Sunsets are my inner peace

If my story can help someone out there then that will fill my heart with joy. If I can heal from sharing it that will make my heart brand new. We can share the tears and joys of adoption together. Welcome to my story.


Simply Me….

Who am I? The adoptee

proof of a relationship

that could not be

one left with a choice

the other wanted to be free

hospital to foster care

the state became my voice

God stepped in

two people wanted me

I became their choice

-Elizabeth Casalaspro

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