Me-the baby

I was born on December 11th, 1972

The photo is my adopted grandfather and I on Easter Sunday 1973

I came home to live with my adopted family on Good Friday, April 20th, 1973. I lived with a foster care family from the time that I was released from the hospital until I came home on Good Friday. My foster family named me Mandy. My birth mother had named me Christina Marie in the hospital. To back up some time when my adoptive parents were talking to the case worker she asked my adopted mom what she was naming me. She said Christina Elizabeth. The caseworker left the room then came back in. She had this deer in a headlight look before she left. This was caused by the similarity between what my birth mother called me and what they wanted my legal name to be. Both Christina. This is how my name became Elizabeth Ann instead of Christina. The case worker suggested changing this so my birth mother could not track me down later. This will play a part later in my story…

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