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I have started this blog with my story and feelings. My goal is to help other adoptees understand that they are not alone. We share many of the same feelings and situations in life. I want to help others. I also hope to help parents that consider adoption. If you asked me if I would recommend adopting I would have to say no. I have my own reasons. If you do want to adopt I have suggestions that could possibly help both the parents and the child. Not everyone is going to run into the different drama along the way like I did. I do take the blame for some of the drama in my life but one thing adoptees never should except is that the parents are the victims or that you were rejected. You were not rejected. They never got to know you. You were a baby or small child. As I said before I truly believe that an adoption needs to be kept open. Adoptees have too many inner questions and feelings that could drive them insane if you do not have the answers that they need. I think that we have the right to know the circumstances of why our parents or parent made the decision and I feel we should have the opportunity to know our siblings and family. It is our life and at some point we should have our own rights. We did not get to make the choice in the beginning of our lives but we should be able to as a teen at least. For example I was so close to my adopted grandparents. The one thing I wanted was to meet my birth grandparents. That was a huge positive for me in finding both parents. I was only able to meet one birth grandparent. Another huge let down in my life. If this helps you along the way please let me know. If someone wants to write on my blog about their adoption story by all means go ahead. #adoption

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