Adoptee’s view on abortion

Please watch the video before I even give you my view on abortion….

Okay on the topic of abortion in my eyes. I as a christian do not support abortion. I do understand that in rare times a mother could die keeping the child inside her. I also have heard the excuse that someone that gets rape should have a “choice” to abort. Let me touch on the medical reason first. I worked at a school with over 200 children with autism and special needs children. A lot of these children were diagnosed in their mother’s womb. The mothers knew they had children with syndromes such as down syndrome, congenital limb defect among many others. The mothers chose to have their child anyway knowing the medical facts and struggles they would have raising their child. I have to tell you as hard as it is to raise these children they are some of the best human beings that I have ever come across. People think they are not worth saving and that they are some kind of monster almost. I love each and every one of them! They taught me so much in so little time about being “different” but special. As hard as it seems having a special needs child is almost a miracle. Society gives woman the “choice” to abort such human beings. I do not agree with that at all. Speaking on rape. I understand that women think they are having a monster’s baby when in fact they would be having a child that has their DNA as well. Many women have babies everyday and end up hating the father later. Do not use abortion as a way out. I hear stories of woman that can never get over the hurt and guilt of aborting their own flesh and blood. Abortion clinics will not report this information let alone tell woman that come in. Women that come in to these clinics are just $ signs to them. When I was 19 I got pregnant. I was not married at the time. Would abortion have been the ideal decision in most people’s eyes. Why yes in today’s society it is a woman’s right. Well no I knew how to get pregnant. I knew how to not get pregnant as we all do. That was my flesh and blood at conception. A baby is God’s creation. I chose to put myself in a position to get pregnant. There was no way on God’s green earth that I would take my child’s life! I am an adoptee and adoption was not even an option. I would not have my child out there in the world with strangers. How could I put a child through the rejection that I went through? I am a woman and I think woman should not be able to abort a human being. Adopted children had no “choice” when they were adopted. We are the ones that get affected the most in adoption but society thinks we did not deserve a choice. An unborn child has no choice. Two people brought them into the world knowingly but yet one or two of them could take the child’s life before they get to live it. Now they are trying to give women the right to take the unborn child up to birth! How can any women stomach the thought of that? As an adoptee I know the feeling of having no choice in my life. Choice has so many meanings at this day in time. Society has wrote their own definition on it. Women applaud the fact they have such an option on another human’s life. When did woman lose that maternal instinct? I think they never did they are letting the world make their decisions for them. Abortion effects the mother’s more than most comprehend. We need to dig deep in our souls as voters. We can make a difference in how the word “Choice” is used in our nation. Stop letting them kill the babies. We have a choice in what kind of ice cream we want. Now we have a choice if we want to let a breathing baby with a heartbeat live or die. How can we compare the two? Come on America! Please watch the video below of a woman that got an abortion as well as adopted children.

Every woman should hear this before getting an abortion.

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