Foster Kid Adoption — Adoption and Parenting

Foster kids are provided or they are put in the system by the federal government. Foster kids regularly are moved from one home to the other. 255 more words

Foster Kid Adoption — Adoption and Parenting

I found this article very interesting. I have been around at-risk and foster children for a while now. I would throw Christmas parties for them. I loved being with them and at times I wanted to adopt them. I had teenage children of my own at the time at home still. I thought about it and thought I had better not. I could not just pick one. I wanted to help them all first of all. My biggest fear was the age and the mentality that they had. They could possibly be a danger to our kids. Sometimes the older the foster child the harder it is to teach them the normal way to live. They have lived in such a world of fear, hate and abuse that they can not find their way to some kind of normal living. You have to be careful what age foster child you bring around your kids that you have already. I have heard such horror stories of foster care also. I know that there are good foster homes as well. If someone is considering adopting an older foster child just make sure you are aware of the life they lived before and their mental state before going though with the adoption. Consider the pros and cons. You do not want to put yourself or your family in harms way. I love happy endings but I have also heard of horrible endings with foster children. Really do your homework before making such a move in your life.-Elizabeth

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