Our new administration sadly is against Pro-life…. Stories of abortion and adoption. There is more than one choice ladies. The right choices and the wrong choices. Click on the link below. Learn the facts!

My mom could have chosen society’s way out as well as I could have chosen society’s way out but but we both chose God’s way. It is a scary world today with out administration going against God’s word. Women that chose abortion have regrets the rest of their lives. Life is so hard being a single women with a child whether it happened due to rape or a sexual relationship with another. Chose life and God will give you life. Do not let the leaders of the world make your mind up for you. It is your life and your child’s life! You will both be the ones that lose. There are many options other than abortion. -Elizabeth




  • 1. an act of selecting or making a decision when faced with two or more possibilities: “the choice between good and evil” synonyms option, alternative, possibility, possible course of action, solution, answer, way out

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