Obtaining my birth records

I have been reading articles and watching YouTube videos about adoption. It may sound crazy to some but I just realized that I still have not received my actual birth records before my adoption. I have my birth certificate from my adoption but I have never seen any of my original birth records from the day of my birth. I have had conversations with both my adopted mom and my birth mother about it today. I know it was awkward for both of them today. I had questions for the two of them because I did not have the answers to the questions on the form. If you are an adoptee I am sure you can “relate” to not having the answers. I recently read a blog where an adoptee said that our identities are taken from us. I got to thinking about that more. They were correct in making that statement. More so in a closed adoption. I do not have my original birth record with the women that gave birth to me. I have no photos of that day of myself even. I have had three names in my 48 years. I have learned of different blood relatives in the past twenty some years. Each day I feel like I learn a little more about my story. People ask why do you need your original birth record? Well, here is the answer. It is very simple because it is just that “my” birth record. Adoptees do not ask for this information to hurt anyone else. They need it to grow and to be whole if that makes sense. I am sending off to Michigan to finally get the first record of my life. Pray for me please that is goes smoothly.

Stay tuned to see how my request is answered and what I receive next. I will give you all the details once I get them. Feel free to share your experiences on my blog. -Elizabeth

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