My Inconvenient Truth — Signed, Sealed, Adopted.

Growing up, I essentially always knew that I was adopted since I was told at a very young age. My parents really never discussed being adopted with me past the initial talk and I felt strongly that I was not supposed to bring it up because they never did. I spent a lot of time […]

My Inconvenient Truth — Signed, Sealed, Adopted.

I shared the above blog. I really liked what this adoptee had to write about. Please follow her blog…..-Elizabeth

I used to keep everything that I felt about my adoption all bottled up inside me. I did not know who I could talk to or who would even want to listen. This is not healthy at all. It is not healthy for any child or teenager going through similar things at all to feel alone. As a parent of your own child, adopted child or foster child always let them know they can come to you no matter what. If they do not think they can come to you they will go to someone else or something else to ease the pain. If you plan on adopting make sure that you are ready for it all. Remember that the child that you are adopting will eventually have many questions no matter how much love you show them. You need to be willing to answer these questions and you need to be willing to be a shoulder to lean on if and when they decide to find their birth family. Be prepared to share their love in the future without any jealously or resentment. When you decided to adopt you signed that paper willingly knowing this all could happen some day. If you are not willing to share the child’s life eventually with others then adoption is not for you.

Adoption can be a beautiful thing or it can be a roller coaster life. Those that are involved can help to make it a beautiful thing. I think open adoptions are the best way to keep hearts from being so broken. There is far more honesty. A child’s life is not starting off as a lie or coverup. It also helps adopted children to not have such a rejected feeling. I know sometimes it can be hard to accept another women in your child’s life but as I have said before “if you signed the dotted line for adoption you have already signed your acceptance to share your child’s love with another.” One can never have too much love from their parents but one can have too much rejection.

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