Infertility leading to adoption

Adoption can be the only option for women that suffer from infertility.This story is so moving. I can relate to the part about knowing God wrote a child’s story from day one. My birth mother had given me the same first name that my adopted parents had chose for me. The case worker told them it would be better to change it because of the adoption being a “closed” adoption. God knows our name from the day of conception. We are part of his plan and we are his creation. Please watch the video below. It surely will warm your heart as it did mine….Elizabeth

I am beginning to heal through my blog. I have listened to success stories as well as those that did not go so smoothly. In both cases I have learned so much. It helps to listen to other adoptees that have the same struggles as I have and still do. A support group is a necessity in life. Especially in the last year with what the world went through. We all need others that deal with the same issues in life. If you have something hurting you in your life that others do as well talking it out in a support group can really mend the wounds. Whether it is abuse, rape, loss of someone or such things as adoption the web has so many support options for each topic.

I believe God knows what our whole life will bring us. He created us but our flesh moves us in so many ways that we can distance ourselves from God but he will bring us back on the right path if we ask him to forgive us and lead us. If you are hurting today reach out to those around you that love you. Do not ever try to deal with your pain on your own. God loves you and will show you the way if you just trust him. I want to help fellow adoptees, birth parents and adopted parents if possible through this blog. Feel free to follow this blog then re-blog or re-post things that you think will help those in any topic area of adoption.-Elizabeth

My life was God’s written plan

Many nights I cried myself to sleep

wondering why I was not worthy of my own mother

I looked to the sky and asked you why God why

what did I do to deserve this life

I was only a tiny babe with out a voice

all along you had been right there with me

you gave me a home when I had none

you gave me family not one but two

the rejection was so great but your love was greater

it is not always what can be seen

but what is not seen that counts

God you had a plan all along

one women brought me into this world

so another could be blessed with a baby girl to love as her own

I call them both Mom and they call me their daughter

we were ALL part of your written plan, Thank you my heavenly father.


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