Abortion and adoption




I can not tell anyone to abort or adopt. However as a believer in God our father I will tell you that God created all of us in his image. He loves all of his creation. He knew us from time of conception. God already had a plan for your life. It is not our right to choose to end the life of the little one inside us because it was inconvenient or from a tragedy such as rape. A child is a child. The child inside you could be God’s way to bless you even though the child came from rape. I have worked with autistic as well as special needs children. Would it be hard to raise one? Absolutely! Good things usually come with work and hardship but they are worth it in the end. Do not let someone tell you that you are better off. Do NOT let a doctor tell you that what is inside you is a bunch of cells. Most of all do NOT let people tell you that choosing abortion is your right. Make sure you make the decision of abortion or adoption of your own free will . You will be the only one living with that choice not them! God loves you and knows your child at the time of conception. No matter if the child was a result of rape or something else God has a good plan for their life. Do not take it from them. Planned parenthood will not tell you how women that have had abortions feel their whole life. They do have deep regrets and emotional pain far worse than that of a rape if you can imagine that.



Please search out adoption agencies and all of your options to save your baby. In the end you will feel better than taking your baby’s life. There are many support groups out there. If you are suffering depression from having an abortion there are links below. Please get the help that you need. Remember God loves you no matter what!

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