Don’t bring “color” into adoption, Hollywood!

I was truly offended by the “This is us” episode this last week with Randall. I do not think that the color of a child brings anymore to the trauma in adoption. Those that are adopted by anyone other than their family do NOT look like their adopted family members! We all feel that inside everyday as adoptees. Others walk on water around us because we are “adopted” not because our color is different. The parents on “This is us” actually treated Randall better. This whole “racial thing with the new administration is causing more racism. Those of color are being singled out more now than ever before! There are many successful colored and African Americans. This administration acts like minorities have no mind of their own. They act like they need to “save” the minorities which is even more racist in my opinion. My daughter in law is a very intelligent , successful black American women. Hollywood and this administration is further dividing us by singling out black and African Americans. Enough is enough! We all can be successful if we put our minds to it! Do not bring adoption into this racial topic today. Every adoptee black, Asian, white and African American struggle with being different than our family. We all have the same struggle together. Stop the lies to cause even more division!

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