Adoptees Deserve Better

Steve Inskeep, is a co-host of NPR’s “Morning Edition” and “Up First.” He is an adoptee and an adoptive father. He penned an op-ed in the New York …

Adoptees Deserve Better

My adoption in 1972 was a closed adoption. Today I have had to get my birth mother and birth father to both write a consent for me to get my original birth records. I obviously know both of them at this time in my life but I still have had to send my information as well as they had to send their information. After the office receives all of that I am on a waiting list. The judge then will look at the paperwork and decide if he/she will allow me to get my original birth certificate. I know it seems ridiculous that I have to go through all of this but I look at it from all sides. It was closed so they are keeping the information private until they receive the consent. It is hard to be patient in receiving “my” life information but I do get it.

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