Embryos are humans!


Bible verse about conception(Genesis 1:28b). And in Genesis 2:24 we are told “Therefore man shall leave his father and mother and be joined to his wife; and they shall become one flesh.” That is the DNA of the male joining with the DNA of the female to become a new and wholly unique human being.Nov 1, 2019


I believe in God so I absolutely believe abortion at any time is murder. There are choices out there to keep from having to get an abortion. Please use these resources if you are even thinking about abortion first. God does forgive but can you forgive yourself? It will haunt you forever. Adoption is a choice for you. There are also centers out there to assist you in keeping your baby. Abortion clinics sometimes will not tell you about these other options. -Elizabeth

Pregnancy resource centers are numerous and widespread. Many are affiliated with PRC networks such as Heartbeat International, Care Net or the National Institute of Family and Life Advocates, while others are independent or part of smaller networks.

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