Interracial adoption

Interracial adoption refers to the act of placing a child of one racial or ethnic group with adoptive parents of another racial or ethnic group. Interracial adoption is not inherently the same as trans-cultural or international adoption. Wikipedia


I am adopted. I am totally against teaching white privilege to your interracial adopted child. A child of any color can make it in this world if they put their mind to it. Society is pushing racism on the children today. We have overcame this issue but now this administration is further dividing us with the lie of white privilege. You are not a good adopted parent if you even think of teaching this to your adopted child or foster child. Adopted children have enough to overcome do not create mental problems for them.

See no color

See me as me

Don’t see me as a color

I am a human with a heart

Black, brown or white is not a part

See past my eyes , my hair and my skin

Love the inside

Love me for me


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