My nerves are shot

My husband found out that he has another sister a few years back. His father already had passed. His sister found out through We met up with her her husband and her youngest son Bryan a couple years ago. Bryan just passed away a couple days ago at the age of 18. We only got to meet him once. Now we are about to go to his wake😪 Adoption has so many ups and downs! God please be with us all.🙏

After the wake and funeral…..

This funeral was one of the worst emotionally that I have ever attended. I know God works in mysterious ways all of the time. If any good came from this I believe in my heart it brought my husband, my sister in law and my newly found sister in law closer. It opened all of our eyes. Adoption can be so very complicated. There are so many mixed feelings that erupt.

I believe my husband’s sister that was adopted is having such a hard time with the fact her biological father has passed so she did not get to ask him what she would have wanted to. My husband’s family had no clue that this had happened. At least those that are still living claim they do not. She has attempted to get her records so she can learn who her biological mother is. New York just made it legal but they are backed up. They told her she might be waiting a year and a half for her own birth records.

It is extremely frustrating having to beg, pay and wait for your OWN records of birth.! I am so glad that we share adoption so I can help my husband and my newly found sister in law with all of this. Below is a song that I wanted to play for my sister in law (Kris) that lost her 18 year old son this week. Bryan you are very loved and you will be missed…

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