5 Top things to do in adoption coming from an adoptee

1. Keep it an open adoption

2. Always be truthful

3. Talk openly about it

4. Listen to your adopted child

7. Treat them as normal as possible ( do not set them apart from other siblings)

The video below has some real good tactics for how to parent. Some of it helped me. This video does not concentrate on “adopted” kids but remember I said treat them in a normal way not different.

You have to let your adopted child know that it is okay to ask you any question that they want to about their adoption. Some people think the truth would hurt them too much but honestly the “lies” hurt more. I believe myself that an open adoption saves a lot of grief. It saves a lot of unanswered questions. Most will eventually search out their biological parents. The internet in these days and times make finding your biological family much easier intentionally or even by accident. You must really think about that when you are adopting.

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