Getting the adoption process time shorter

Understanding the Average Time to Adopt a Child

Adoption wait times are different for each family. There are several key factors in determining yours: the type of adoption and the agency you work with. While other things, like your personal preparedness for the process, will also contribute to your wait time, these two stand above the rest.

The type of adoption you choose can cause your wait to be shorter or longer. For example, most international adoptions take longer, in some cases three or more years, and involve more than one trip to the child’s country of origin.

It’s also important to research your adoption agency. Adoption wait times can be drastically different between agencies. An Adoptive Families survey found that 63 percent of families in U.S. newborn adoptions were matched within a year. For 37 percent of families, the wait was longer than 12 months. Comparatively, 75 percent of families working with American Adoptions complete their adoption within our estimated wait time.

There are several areas where we go above and beyond to keep your adoption wait time low.

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