LGBT adoption

I am doing research on this but I am 100% against it. I believe what the bible says about homosexuality. I also believe that kids need a male and female figure in their lives. This is why kids struggle with one parent. I am a christian so I know God loves all individuals. He created all individuals so of course he loves all of them. Just like as parents we love our kids even when they disobey us. However we get disappointed from time to time. I think adoptees struggle enough without having the added stress of same sex parenting. It could be confusing as well as hard in society for them. I did want to research this and see what the experts say. -Elizabeth

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  1. I recently experienced repeated and harsh accusations of being homophobic after posting a response in my all things adoption group to the question – What are your thoughts about the Buttigieg’s impending adoption? My first response was and this brought more views than any blog I’ve ever written, after I posted a link in that group because it was the question that led to the blog. My response was long and so, I just posted the link. I did know going in that it was “a difficult topic to discuss in a politically correct manner.”

    I don’t claim religious reasons but the culture I was brought up in included a mother and a father and I still believe that structure offers the best, most rounded view of humanity by modeling both genders. However, I was still shocked by how strongly I was attacked. So, I wrote the next day’s blog about that –

    Finally, I thought to look at the Facebook profile of the person who led the charge that got me piled on. She was continuing in every reply to blast me for homophobia (which I deny) but honestly, I do have issues with ever separating a baby from the mother who gestated it, unless the usual explanations of abuse and neglect force the removal and even then, I still believe the child’s birth identity (name and parentage) should not be changed.

    Looking at this one person’s Facebook profile brought me a lot of peace because I saw that she is one half of a same sex white couple who have adopted a black baby girl. Oh my !! I don’t envy her chosen path. I know too much about trans-racial adoptions already. I don’t want to re-trigger her as I already said to her I’m done and I am. But I did learn, when one is under attack, it is probably a good idea to look at the person’s lifestyle first and it may be that often you will find an explanation there.

    I am grateful that you have given me this opportunity to express all of my feelings about this experience.

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