Next Steps — The Adoption Files

“I just received my non identifying information. What do I do next?” What do you want to do? I was not asked what I wanted to do. I was asked Why I wanted to do anything at all. I was asked why finding my family mattered at all. I believe most of us have heard […]

Next Steps — The Adoption Files

I shared this blog. I think it was well written. For me I called into the Michigan adoption agency when I was 23. They sent me a bunch of documents with the identifying information cut out of it literally. Down at the bottom was one of the cut outs that just so happened to be my birth-mother’s name! Somebody on the other side of the phone felt my need to know my birth family. I have sent in to get my original birth certificate at the age of 48. It is crazy how hard it is for me to get this at my age but my adoption was suppose to be closed. I know both birth parents now and have their consent but the judge still makes the final decision. I just sent my DNA to ancestry. It will be a few weeks. Lets see what else I find or should I say who else.-Elizabeth

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