Poverty Is Not A Good Reason — Missing Mom

The question was asked – Should poverty be a reason to remove children from their families? Let’s be clear – the stipends the families get to care for children that are not their own biological offspring are more than large enough to help take the child’s original, natural family get out of poverty. This is […]

Poverty Is Not A Good Reason — Missing Mom

To base your ability to be a parent on your finances is not right. Yes, kids need to have food, water clothing, etc. but no one should ever judge parents on that alone. There is plenty of help these days for those that need a little extra to properly take care of their family. There are food pantries all over. If a parent does not search out these resources and it results in their kids going without essentials then yes they are not taking on a parent’s responsibility. I would have been considered poor for the first 12 years of having my children. At times we lived day today. We had only enough to get through with 3 small meals a day. I bought groceries and they had to last 7 days. My kids did not have designer clothes. They were always clean though. They only got a few presents at Christmas but they were always taken care of. Actually, because of my poverty level, I truly believe when I was single with the three kids it brought us closer than those that had money to spend. We sat down together with VHS movies and watched them at night together instead of them always being with a babysitter. They had to budget a lot and come to the table with some of their birthday money to help me purchase their shoes etc. I feel that my kids are very responsible and understand the value of a dollar today because we did not have a lot when they were young. Do I think I could have done more? Of course, I do. Do I regret choices that made us poor in life? Of course. Do I think I was a bad parent because I could not give them all the bling? Heck No!

Look I would do anything well almost anything for my kids. Money can be the root of all evil though. Never judge parents on what they have in life judge them by the love they show for their kids. Maybe if people reached out more to those in need instead of judging them the world would be a better place for all. As for foster care. Well, there are good foster cares then there are really bad ones that take advantage of all the money the state gives them. If the state would help deserving parents instead of taking kids away from them and putting them in the foster care system that in my opinion would make more sense.

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