Society needs to pay more attention to birthmother’s

I really did not think I would be saying this but we do need to understand birth moms and why they give their children up. You know a majority of them are more mature and wholesome than we think. They get judged negatively more than they should. The more I see these posts about why women should have the right to abort and the pathetic reasons why they do I have come to have much more respect for those that carry their baby and give them to a couple that will take good care of them. They did not worry about their body change or their labor pains more than their baby’s right to life. Many birth moms have very maternal reasons for letting go of their children. They still have that maternal instinct. How did society look up to women that care more about their body shape, Jobs, or dating than their very own flesh and blood child life? We need to get back to teaching morals and values. Parents need to teach the birds and bees earlier in life. We need to open our hearts to these women before they make such a choice that will haunt them for the rest of their lives. -Elizabeth

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