It Really Was That Bad

Today’s story – I was adopted from foster care when I was 12. I was adopted into the same home as one of my biological sisters. Being adopted was the…

It Really Was That Bad

I think there is always room to improve in every person’s life or in every job we have. In adoption, it is extremely important the adopted family is checked out thoroughly! An adopted child can come from a rough foster care situation, a rough biological situation. With that being said adoption agencies can not bring these children into another broken home or abusive home. Adoption agencies could improve by doing more visits to the future homes of the adoptive parents. I hope they do background checks. I would advise them to talk to neighbors, friends and those close to the family to get an idea of the future adopted parents’ everyday actions. The point of adoption is to take a child out of an unhealthy environment and get them into a healthy stable enviroment.

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