Adoptee Remembrance Day

Jean never found out who her family was. Nearly five decades older than me, Jean was a lovely, sweet lady who, knowing of my husbands affection for …

Adoptee Remembrance Day

There are many stories out there like this. Do not take your adoption questions to the grave. “Seek and you shall find.” Luke 11:9. Yes there will defiantly be waves but there will also be a calmness at the end. -Elizabeth

To find or to not find

Fears, tears, and butterflies

Wind, waves, and calm

Truth and lies

adoption brings all of these

you have to try

or live with the why’s

set yourself free

find out who you were created to be


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Happily married. I love God, my husband, our 3 kids, and our granddaughter❤️ I believe without respect you have nothing! Adoptee and Potsie

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