An adoptees birthday by Elizabeth

Today December 11th I was born 49 years ago. I feel like today was not a good day for those involved in my birth. This causes me to not want to celebrate today as “MY” birthday. I would rather celebrate on Good Friday 1973 when I came home to my parents. I feel that every baby born is a gift from God and should be thought of as a blessing. That goes for babies that have birth defects, babies conceived from rape or other tragic ways are still a creation or God’s and he loves them just the same so we should. Never treat a child like a mistake. Please. -Elizabeth

Watercolor greeting card flowers. Handmade. Congratulations.

Published by virtuous

Happily married. I love God, my husband, our 3 kids, and our granddaughter❤️ I believe without respect you have nothing! Adoptee and Potsie

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