2022 goals in adoption

We need to change the laws in every state so an adoptee at the age of 18 is able to get their adoption records without a fight in court! It is every person’s right to know who their biological family is. As an adoptive it was not my choice to be given up to another family and it is not any other adoptee’s choice.

Another goal asa nation is to get more mental health sources available for adoptees and adoptees families.

The last goal this nation should have but not the least is to get more funds for birthmothers and less funds for abortions.

I would like to see more open adoptions. I have found both my birth man and birth father and I am still over a year trying to get my original birth records and breast certificate from Michigan. This is absolutely ridiculous for an adoptee adults to try to get their own birth records especially when they’ve already found their family! We should not have to fight for our own birth records. -Elizabeth

Adoptees need to write into their governors and top law makers in their state to make sure that their birth records in that state are open to you at the age of 18 without having to wait months or years to get them!

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