Abortion is a loss of life

I was listening to #moodyradio this morning. This is a Christian channel in Florida. I heard a young woman speaking about abortion. She said, “abortion is a loss for women.” She is so correct. As people picket and protest to keep abortion legal some of their chants and signs belittle the sense of loss and great pain that many women across the world suffer from after abortion. Some act as if abortion is comparable to getting your appendix out. First of all for those the do not know the difference an appendix is an organ we can live without. A fetus is a human life that God created. The human life inside any woman is their flesh and blood. There are many hurting women out there that need further mental support after having an abortion. I believe they are scared to speak about their sadness and depression. We need to reach out and help these women. We need to make it easier for Americans to adopt. Instead of putting so much time and money into abortion support, we need to put the funds towards support for women facing the decision of abortion and guide them to the place of an easier adoption.


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