How adoption effects me.

As I started this blog I have been able to release things that I have held inside for a very long time. It has really helped me to mend wounds that I did not even realize I had. I do not want to label myself a victim but I do believe adoptees struggle every day with regular life because they were adopted.

Today at the age of 49 I still struggle with the relationships that I missed. I know from meeting my biological father that if I grew up with him he and I would have been so close. I can never get that now. So many years have passed and we are miles apart. I have aunts that I am close to now but I missed so many years with them. I can not live in the past. I know this but it is hard to tell my heart that. I have a sister that is physically so sick. I struggle with the fact we do not know eachother that well yet. We are close yet do not know eachother. That may not make sense to some.

Adoption to Elizabeth

Two people unable to fight

two people willing to try

a child without an identity

a child who would cry

not knowing why

an adult with regrets

about the life, she did not get

but leaning on the love from

the family who chose her

and her heavenly father


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