A biological death in the family

As I posted a week ago I lost my brother. He was three years older than me. I always considered him my brother not my adopted brother but in order for people to understand this blog I have to call him my adopted Brother. He lives in Michigan and I live in Florida. My oldest brother called in the morning of Friday the 11th. I could hear the fear in his voice as he told me my brother Matt had been rushed to the hospital and it wasn’t good. I am mediately felt my heart go to my throat as I text or secretary to look for flights out. Before she even had time to do that I got a call back from my mom’s significant other saying my brother didn’t make it as I heard my mother screaming and crying in the background. My brother died of a pulmonary blood clot that day at the age of 52.

My brother Matt was always wanted to protect me. In high school that aggravated me. I did not get many dates. Later on in life I would take his protection as a blessing. I later got with a man that I webcams pregnant with his child. He however never helped me get to the doctor. I was totally neglected in fact. One day he left me. I was in the top of a garage living with his cousins. He called was with his ex wife I was in a nasty dirty place eight months Pregnant at the age of 19. I was very scared, hungry and getting ready to bring my first baby into the world. They brought me home to my hometown where I got insurance went to the doctor and had a healthy baby boy! My brother saved my life in my sons life that day! I ended up going back to the man and I know my brother was so mad at me. He never really understood why I did. I didn’t think it was his responsibility to take care of me and that my young tender age I didn’t know any better to be honest.

I hope he was able to forgive me before he passed. I always say blood is not thicker than water and now I will shout it at the rooftops! I feel like my heart has been ripped out of my chest since the minute I found out my brother had passed. Biological and adopted families can get along and support each other if they want to. There is no reason that they can’t be civil. My feeling is if you truly love the adopted child then you would do everything in your power to make life good for them! Always love your family and never leave a conversation with things unspoken. You never know when it’s your last moment or your loved ones last moment on earth….

You are forever in my heart

You left as quick as sound

You left without a word

You were heaven bound

My heart broke oh does it hurt

I know Jesus has you

What a relief

But how do I mend my broken heart

Time will tell

Oh brother I will never forget

My protector my friend my chosen one

I love you. Bob (Elizabeth)

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