How I feel today…

As I have watched and listened to my Mom these last two weeks after my older brother Matt passed away suddenly I have felt how much she loves all of her children. She has lost a part of her heart but she still has been there for my other brother and I in every way as we have went through our own pain. I know that she loves us with all of her heart. I can not imagine what it is like to lose your child and have to bury them but she has still been 100% there for us through it all. When I first found out that my brother had passed I was extremely said but I was so worried about my mom.

I feel like my mom is extra worried about each of us now. This has made her scared of losing another child. I feel so bad for her. She has showed me that she is such a strong and all around good mama. I knew she loved us but this just proved it more in so many ways.

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