I lost my brother

Yesterday morning my 52 year old brother died suddenly. This brings back my point that blood is NOT thicker than water. If we want to put a title on it he is my adopted older brother. I am numb. It does seem real sometimes and other times it completely overwhelms me at the thought of it. He was my protector, my friend and a big part of my heart. I know his physical and mental pain is gone and I am holding onto that with all that I have. Family comes in many forms. Not just in a dna form. Always end your conversation with I love you. Do not leave anything unspoken that is important. I will miss my older brother each and every day but I will surely continue to talk to him.

Losing you

My heart is empty

I feel misplaced

Our bond was true

You have went home

I have to face

The reality of not hearing your laugh

Hearing your stories as you tell them

My minds knows but my heart does not

Please give me signs, let me hear your voice

I love you my sweet brother

Until we meet again you are not forgot

Matt is on far right

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