Adoption no no’s

As an adoptee myself I think I have a fair perspective of the dos and dont’s of adoption. Unless you have been adopted you could not possibly know how it feels. Adoptees in general are very thankful that a family shared their love with them. It takes a very special mom and dad to reach out and help a stranger raise their child. Sometimes they are not strangers at all. Open adoption is adopting a child from someone related to or a birth mom that the adopted parents have met.

Jealously: Do NOT get jeolous of the birth family. If your adopted child choose to talk about the birth family or gets to know them do not let yourself become jealous. You have your own special relationship. Be confident in that.

Communication: Make sure you talk to your adopted child about their adoption. Do NOT make it the “white elephant” in the room. Let them know that this communication is open and allowed.

Favortism: Do NOT show favortism to your “blood” children. You defiantly have a different love for each child but you can not favor one over another. Adoptees already have feelings of rejection. Let them know how much that they mean to you and show it. Actions speak louder than words.

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