Instead of spending millions on aborting our children, we need to spend millions on protecting them!

This school shooting is one of man heartbreaking events that Texas and the whole nation have faced in just a short couple of years. How many children have to lose their lives before this administration and the world realize what needs to be changed! Guns are not the problem people. Mental illness would be the obvious thing to start working on! Wake up America before it is too late for all of our kids.

So many want to keep abortion legal. Millions go into supporting abortions and the procedures. Americans all over are using their time to hold signs to protect women’s right to decide the fate of the little humans inside of them but at the same time, the same women are acting “concerned” about the 19 children killed in a senseless act! This world is so hypocritical! A child’s life is a life whether they are a living embryo in their momma’s belly or a fourth-grader in a classroom. We need to stop blaming the gun in the hand and concentrate on the individual pulling the trigger.

Social media is such a political joke. They can sensor the president of the United States and get away with it but not sensor the 18-year-old that sends out a message that he is going to kill his grandmother and shoot up a school. It is not in children’s lives that the news, the administration, and the political monsters are worried about. They are worried about political gain. They want to take guns away from law-abiding citizens so we are even more unprotected from them and the mentally ill out there.

If that is a big IF the social media would have censored the message about shooting up a school and reported it right away 19 kids and two adults would be home with their families tonight. We need to ask ourselves what is the major threat today in America. We need to protect every life in America. That includes those living in their mother’s wombs as well as those children going to school every day as we tell them to trust that they are safe there. Doors should be locked. America should be using the millions we are giving to other countries to protect our own here first with more police officers in schools. We as a nation are failing our children every day. They are broken. Many children are giving us warning signs but we are so worried about the political topics in America that we are overlooking the bigger picture.

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