Time to tell our experiences to help others!

There has never been a more crucial time for women in our nation to speak up. We have minds of our own. Those that believe in God need to stand up and tell their stories to save other females around the world. We are competing against men in women’s sports. Women’s bodies are now a political toy for all to use. There is NOT a real concern for females personally or the children in their wombs.


Of course, becoming pregnant due to rape would be devastating but what this world keeps hush is how devastating it is for many women that have had abortions. There are kids out there born to rape that have become something in life. There are women out there that kept their children after rape. You will not hear these success stories because it does not make for good political debates these days. Society strives on the bad in women’s lives. God does not cause rape. Sin causes rape to happen. God knows us before we are in our mother’s womb. Therefore he can bless that life regardless of how the life came to be. God can bless the women that were raped. Those that have made it through terrible things can speak out and save lives. We need more positive things for humans to hold on to. I would like to see women speak about moving forward after the rape and pregnancy following.


You will not hear me say that you are lost or that God does not love you after an abortion. However, you do need to seek forgiveness from God and for yourself. I know there are women out there that feel horrible after abortion. They thought it would take away their problems but it actually added to them. Some are mentally ill. Some can not have children after an adoption goes wrong. If you are a woman like this reach out. Tell your story. You could literally save another life. Born again Christians have done things in their life that they are not proud of but they decided to take the bad in their lives and help others avoid it. Every female out there has a purpose. Go to God and seek your purpose. God created us as females. Seek his purpose for your life. There are also women out there that had doctors tell them that their child would have severe physical problems but the mom decided to have the baby anyway. Do you realize some of these children have turned out physically fine? The news does not report these stories. Abortion activists do not listen to these stories. This is why I am begging and pleading for women to speak up!

Transgender, homosexual, and bisexual


Moms, Grandma’s, or whoever is raising their kids today, we have to keep our children close to us We have to raise them in a good solid church. Read the bible to them at night. Talk to them about Adam and Eve. These days so much is coming at our children. They are being taught content in schools that their little minds can not totally handle. We have to instill such a love of God in them that they are able to withstand the lies they are told. A lot of evil is coming at our children today. If you have made decisions in your past that had terrible consequences talk to someone. Get help and forgive yourself. Most important of all sit with your kids and tell them that you have made human mistakes. They need to be able to come to you about anything. What parents must remember too is you are the parent first then the friend. Too many parents let young teens TELL them how they are going to live. Parents, you are raising your kids, not kids raising kids. No child is born male or female by mistake. God created them and he has the perfect plan. Raise them to love who they are and not want to be something different. As parents, we need to take our parental rights back! The government is not in control of our kids!


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