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I thought I would explain a little about myself. I am an adoptee of course but there is so much more to me than that!

I was born in Lansing, Michigan on December 11th, 1972. I was with a foster couple until Good Friday 1973. On Good Friday I came home to my new parents and my two older brothers. They became my family. I was a shy girl all the way through school. I did not have a lot of confidence in myself. I always wanted to sing but thought I was not good enough. I wrote a couple of songs when I was a young teenager. I loved to write poems but did nothing with that either when I was young. I should of but as I said I did not have a lot of confidence. In sixth grade, I wrote a children’s book that I got an A for. Now that I look back I think I was pretty talented and should have done something with these talents but that darn shyness and lack of confidence. I strongly encourage young kids and teenagers to go after their dreams. If there is a strong feeling in your heart to dance, sing, write or any other talent go after it! God created us with many different talents. You can be whatever you set your mind to. Do not give up or let others bring you down. Set goals. Goals take a lot of work but they are worth going after. You are worth it!

I moved down to Florida to go to college there. My parents went there my during my senior year. They decided to live there so I moved down there with them when I graduated. I met an older man that year. Unfortunately this was a horrible choice that had terrible consequences. I stopped going to college. Got pregnant and life took a turn for the worse very quickly for me. I talk about my bad choices and downfalls in my life not to get sympathy but in hopes that I can help others to make better choices in life. My terrrible first marriage taught me some of my best life lessons. You can chose to swim during the storm or you can chose to drown. I chose to swim. What I am trying to say is we will have trials and tribulations in life but with God’s help we can turn the negative in life to positive. Tell your story and let others know that you came out alive. If you had a bad relationship help others to avoid these relationships. If you had a child at a young age but you are doing good now let young mothers know your story.
I had a child at the age of 19. I was scared. I was poor. All the odds were against me but I chose life. God knew my baby boy before he was in my womb. I made the right decision to chose life. My baby boy is now serving in the United States Navy as a corpsman. To young pregnant girls out there you will be okay. Trust in God. He has a purpose for you and your baby. Seek that purpose. God has a purpose for all of his creation. If you are scared or alone reach out to someone. Do not give up!

I went hungry. I did not have a phone of my own. I lived in places that I could not tell you how to get to today. I have been alone and very scared. I have gone without electricity and running water in very cold Ohio winters. My three kids have always had food. I made sure of that. I protected them like a mother tiger protects her cubs. I finally had the means to get a divorce and escape the horrible life I had with the man that I chose to be with. I raised the kids by myself for seven long years. I kept a roof over their heads, and food on the table even if it was not always what they wanted the most it kept them from being hungry. I kept my faith in God through all of these hard years. I have kept a couple of pretty bad details out for now. My kids did not have brand-name clothes for those years or Mcdonald’s every week but what they did have was a mom that loved them with all of her heart and they knew the value of a dollar! Actually my kids were very healthy because they did not eat fast food all of the time and today they are hard workers that appreciate everything they have. So much good has come out of so much bad in our lives. This is how God can work in your life if you allow him to which brings me to the turn in our lives when the storm was over.

In 2006 I met my husband. He is not the birth father of our kids but he is the only DAD that they know. The kids and I went through so much that I will never regret because it made us the better people that we are today. I can help other moms that were like me at one time. I am financially set now. The kids are all very good hearted. They all know the value of a dollar. We have the family that we longed for. Due to bad choices in life you will have bad consequenses of course but you can chose to stay down when you fall or get back up and avoid the same thing that caused you to fall. I am very conservative today even though we are very content with our finances. I do not spend foolishly. I love God today just as much as I loved him in my darkest hours.

I hope my story encourages others to never give up! God has a purpose for each and every one of us. If you fall get back up. If someone knocks you down get back up. Use your bad experiences and choices in life to help others. Tell your success stories. There were times in my life that I almost ended it due to sadness and pain. Do not give up! Get help immediately. God loves you and you matter.


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