Saving hacks during inflation!

I know this is an adoption blog but I would like to have a blog about saving money any way you can in today’s rough times financially. I use to be living paycheck to paycheck. It would have been extremely hard for me to support my three kids today with the rise in gas, food, etc. if I was still single. I am blessed to have a husband that is financially able to take care of things now but I am still very conservative.

Laundry hacks

White vinegar is very inexpensive. It has many uses in cleaning.

  • mix vinegar with off-brand of fabric softener in a container for fabric softener
  • use dryer balls with a couple of drops of essential oil in place of dryer sheets
  • for whites put a 1/4 cup of white vinegar with 1/4 cup of baking soda in the washer along with detergent


  • drop a cheap bar of soap in the back
  • clean with white vinegar and dish soap
  • put a drop of essential oil on the inside of the toilet roll
  • put a drop of essential oil/ drop of fabric softener in the toilet brush holder (smell)
  • change out the flipper inside the toilet with a water-saving flipper (see TikTok video below)


  • Save a banana peel. Soak it in warm water for an hour. Then pour on your house plants for healthy inexpensive growth
  • Get the Dollar Tree ($1.25) fertilizer spikes (Jobes) and place them in each potted plant. Works great!


Do an allergy test first!

Baby wipes

  • Good quality paper towel cut in half
  • Warm water
  • coconut oil
  • baby shampoo
  • container ( wash and reuse!)

Refill Dawn spray and Swiffers

Great product

I hope these DIY hacks help you to save in these terrible inflation times! Let me know if you try any of them.-Elizabeth

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