Happy Father’s Day — Brilliant Ladies’ Handbag Club

Caveat: bit of a controversial post. Consider yourself warned. Happy Father’s Day to all the great dads out there. To all those who miss their dads; all those who never knew them; all those for whom ill health, distance, or social norms have made relationships difficult. Basically all the same things I say on Mothering […]

Happy Father’s Day — Brilliant Ladies’ Handbag Club


The top two items are from a fellow blogger as well as a service today at our church. Any MALE can be a father but it takes a special gift to be a daddy. Happy fathers day to all males that someone calls dad. A father plays a special role in the home. All fathers should be bringing their children up in the Lord’s word. Go to church with your kids. Teach them the important values that the bible has in place for us. The world is teaching some very ungodly morals. It is up to Dad and Mom to bring your children up strongly in the Lord so they can fight against the bad morals of today. Single women are trying so hard these days to keep up with a “father’s role” A woman can NEVER take the role of a father. Just be the best parent you know possible!

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