God loves you. God will forgive you.

Unfortunately we are all in some very harsh times. Not just this country but everywhere! Mental illness is on the rise! Christians have to be willing to open your hearts to those that are really lost and sometimes really cruel. We know God and we understand what Jesus did for us but not everyone had the chance to even learn about Jesus.

People need to understand God’s, unconditional love. A big thing people that are hurting need to know about God is that he does not cause things to happen to us. Sin entered the world and then bad things happened as a result. God gives us free rein to make our own choices but his word explains that if we go on sinning with no remorse (asking forgiveness) we will enter the gates of hell. God will forgive us for anything but suicide. If you feel like you have no other option but suicide please reach out to someone! If you feel like you have sinned too much that God could never forgive you that is a lie from the enemy. Go to God in prayer and release that sin to him. Make sure you ask his forgiveness and turn from your sin. Ask for God’s help in getting you through things.


There are some real controversial topics today with women. Women please know that God created you and he loves how he created you. Do not change that . He knew you before you were in your mother’s womb. He created us with the ability to give birth. This is a miracle in itself. Do not take the beauty out of it. Some women are raped by a stranger or a relative. I understand that this is tragic. Abortion is murder. Now if it is a relative medically speaking this has a higher chance then any that the baby will be physically and mentally challenged to say the least. It is god’s word to not have sexual relations with biological family. So that is defiantly a medical reason to get an adoption. The other reason would be if the mother’s life is at risk. Most states will allow abortion in these cases so there should be no fight on a women’s side. Women we are created to have a maternal instinct. God does not make mistakes. If you can not financially take care of your baby put them up for adoption. There are women out there that can not have babies that would give anything for a child. We are not created to be “in love” with the same sex. God created us to love all men and women but the enemy (devil) is the one who puts these extra lies in our hearts. He wants us to go to hell. He is hellbound because of his PRIDE as an angel. Do not let him take you down with him

If you have had an abortion or you have had sexual relations with the same sex God will still forgive you if you ask him and turn from these sinful ways. He loves you. The love he created in you is NOT to love the same sex in that way but to love the same sex as a friend, sister, or confidant. Please take the time to talk to a Christian that you trust and read the bible. Have a pastor pray with you. At least give it a chance. Love can be very confusing at times and love can be blind. I for one will talk with you in a loving manner. I want everyone to go to heaven. I heard a saying”better to find out heaven is not real than to find out HELL is real” I would rather live for God than chance being in hell for eternity! God does not bring anything on you that is tragic. Sinful people in the world bring evil to our lives. God will help you to heal from it and turn it into something for the good.


Above is a link to a very trusted church of mine. Please listen to the latest message. I promise it will help you…… Elizabeth

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