Biological family wedding

First I want to apologize for not posting many posts in the last few weeks. I went to a wedding in DR then I just went to Michigan to visit my mom and brother plus I went to my biological neice’s wedding.

The Michigan wedding

I was invited to my biological niece’s wedding. I ony use terms”biological” and “adopted” so the reader can follow. I do not put titles on them in everyday life. I was excited to be invited and I was also excited to finally meet my nephew in person that my sister put up for adoption years ago. As I have said before a few woman adopted out on my biological mothers side. I had messaged back and forth with my nephew quite alot but to meet in person was the greatest! My biological sister and our biological mother did not speak at wedding. My biological mother did not know that the man that was the DJ at the wedding was indeed her grandson. For my sister’s own reasonings she never told our mom that she was pregnant nor did she tell her when her son finally found her many years later on Facebook. Families every where have deep secrets that they hold onto sometimes for life. This secret came out now. I think my nieces wedding was the start of some much needed healing for many in our family. My niece and nephew did not grow up together but boy can you see and hear the genetics! My sister had just gotten out of the hospital the day before her daughters wedding but she would have broken out of that hospital to make it to her baby’s special occasion. Below is a video of the siblings singing at the wedding. I want to cry every time that I see it. There is such a story between these two. I think they need to do this professionally! Please click on link below…..

Take the high road

Take the high road is what my husband said that day. I turned from the low road and went down the high road. I am glad that I did. Do not let the sun set on anger. Taking the high road may be uncomfortable but you will feel better and get farther doing it. If someone wants to avoid you or they can not face you talk to them anyway. You could literally save a soul by doing that. People can be going through so much more on the inside then we will ever know. A little kindness cost nothing. Do not live in misery. You will die in misery.

Adoption is hard but nothing comes easy

I have been hurt so many times since I have chose to find my biological family but I have also been blessed beyond words from those that chose to welcome me. I am going to concentrate on the blessings more. So should you. If someone constantly hurts you then you should pray for them and stay clear of thier toxic ways but at least give people a second chance to make things right. People deal with pain and loss in many different ways. We can not judge them for how they deal with thier own suffering. We just need to be there if they fall and need a helping hand getting back up!

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