Getting original birth records needs to be easier!

My two-year struggle with Michigan to obtain “My” birth certificate.

I have been trying for two years to get my records. I just received my birth records two months ago after my biological mom sent in signed papers to give me permission. I have known my biological mom and family since 1994. I met my biological father and family in 2012. I still have to fight to obtain my records. I did not receive my birth certificate as of today. I have paid over $50 and signed at least 6 papers. It just got sent to the judge. I am 49 years old. This should be a whole lot easier especially now that I know my biological parents. They fight so hard for those that want abortions but for us adoptees they do not fight at all. It is so disheartening. Adoptees have to go to their state lawmakers and demand change.

Fathers in Michigan in 1972 when I was born did not have many rights at all. Men and women should have the same rights in adoption. I do not know what the laws are in other states but we still need lots of improvement in the state of Michigan.

I did receive some paperwork that the caseworker had filled out on different visits to my adopted parent’s home. That was pretty neat to read the notes.

I am so grateful that my adopted parents had the love to take me in as their own. Just because I want the records of my identification does not mean I do not love my parents and brothers any less. That is foolish to assume. Unless you are an adoptee you have no idea what it is like and therefore should not judge!

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