How I cope with rejection in adoption

I have had several events in which I was rejection over my years of dealing with my biological family members. Speaking for myself of course I had these dreams and ideas of how it would be finding my birth mother as well as the rest of my biological family. As adoptees I think we can set ourselves up for disappointment. Not that we deserve it but having such high expectations leads to heartbreak.

Before searching open your heart to the reality

The reality is there was a sad situation that led to our adoption. If the circumstance was great you would not be searching for your birth family, to begin with. Adoption happens because unity was broken, to begin with, or because a woman had a traumatic experience. As adoptees, we have to understand that usually, our birthmother is hurting in some way from the events that lead to her decision to give us up or from giving her child up alone.

I am sure I am not alone in feeling heartache and being attacked by my birth family members. There are so many situations that come from meeting your birth family that causes different emotions in people.

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