Birthday season once again!

First I want to start this post by apologizing to my followers that I have been off the grid for some time. A lot has been going on lately. Once again I had a birthday come and go. This time it was my 50th! I really despise my birth birthday! My husband is really into birthdays so, of course, he wanted to throw me an “EPIC” birthday this year. I have been dreading this for months.
I have explained this before but I feel like December 11th,1972 was a pretty bad day for many of my birth family members that knew of my birth. I think of this day as a curse. I really try hard to improve my attitude but it defeats me every time. Anyway, my husband did so much to make this birthday really special. I love the beach so he rented a venue on Anna Maria Island in Bradenten. Many important family members started to RSVP on my side that they could not come. Some really hurt my feelings by not coming. I was beginning to get really mad. Then God intervened and made me realize that I need to be grateful to those that are coming and not hurt them. So I tried to improve my “attitude” I held those emotions in.
When the day of my birthday came it ended up being a great birthday. The party was awesome. The few that did show up for me had the time of their lives! We had so many laughs. I was so glad to have my older brother there and my sister. I had not spent a birthday with my brother since I was 17! I had never spent a birthday with my sister. My other brother passed in February but I felt his presence strongly there.
I know that I am not the only adoptee that struggles with birthdays. I just want to pass a word of advice along. Be grateful to those in your life that really do love you and want this day to be special for you. Do not be so angry that it overflows onto your loved ones.

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