Politics are effecting adoption!


Abortion is NOT just a political topic. It is so much more. Not only could it really take out our next generation but it is literally taking out our future doctors, nurses, teachers, firefighters, police officers, moms, and dads! We are God’s creation whether we chose to believe that or not. God gave us all a purpose in life. You have to know yours. By the government allowing abortions to be legal, they are letting mothers all over take the life and purpose that God has for their child away.

Mothers, the first purpose that God has given you is to carry your child in your belly with care and concern for their health. After your child is born your purpose is even greater to teach your child about what Jesus died on that cross for and teach them the word so the evil of the world does not destroy them. Your children are a blessing from God to you. They are created in the image of God with your genetics. He knew them before they were in their mother’s womb. (Jer. 11)

I do understand that women can be victims of rape and incest. These are horrible things. What Jesus endured before and on the cross was horrible also. He did that for all of us whether we chose to believe it or not it is still a fact. Learn to forgive and seek the truth of Jesus to get you through these horrible times.

Regardless of what society tells you or fake religious folks you are not damn to hell if you have had an abortion and seek forgiveness for it in order to heal. You can until the day you take your last breath. As long as you are sincerely sorry for the choice you made God will forgive. We however want to ask God to get us through the pregnancy so that this little creation of God’s and you live!

Please read the bible or seek out someone that can help you interpret it for your salvation as well as your child’s. Parents, please teach your teens the word. Be supportive so that they come to you first and not to society first. Parents will be held accountable for not teaching the word to their children.

They have so many lies being tossed at them on the internet, in schools, and in society. You need to teach the truth to them so they know it when they are out facing this evil. It starts at home. Protect your kids!

Make sure you vote for the protection of your child’s eternal life. Here on Earth is temporary but Heaven and Hell are for eternity.

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