This abortion trend and adoption 2022

If we keep going the way we are with this administration and our liberal acting government we will not have adoption stories any longer due to easy access to abortions! You know the younger generation voted blue just because the far left promised to keep abortion legal in blue states! It should be sad toContinue reading “This abortion trend and adoption 2022”

How I cope with rejection in adoption

I have had several events in which I was rejection over my years of dealing with my biological family members. Speaking for myself of course I had these dreams and ideas of how it would be finding my birth mother as well as the rest of my biological family. As adoptees I think we canContinue reading “How I cope with rejection in adoption”

Getting original birth records needs to be easier! My two-year struggle with Michigan to obtain “My” birth certificate. I have been trying for two years to get my records. I just received my birth records two months ago after my biological mom sent in signed papers to give me permission. I have known my biological mom and family since 1994. I metContinue reading “Getting original birth records needs to be easier!”

Biological family wedding

First I want to apologize for not posting many posts in the last few weeks. I went to a wedding in DR then I just went to Michigan to visit my mom and brother plus I went to my biological neice’s wedding. The Michigan wedding I was invited to my biological niece’s wedding. I onyContinue reading “Biological family wedding”

God loves you. God will forgive you.

Unfortunately we are all in some very harsh times. Not just this country but everywhere! Mental illness is on the rise! Christians have to be willing to open your hearts to those that are really lost and sometimes really cruel. We know God and we understand what Jesus did for us but not everyone hadContinue reading “God loves you. God will forgive you.”

Happy Father’s Day — Brilliant Ladies’ Handbag Club

Caveat: bit of a controversial post. Consider yourself warned. Happy Father’s Day to all the great dads out there. To all those who miss their dads; all those who never knew them; all those for whom ill health, distance, or social norms have made relationships difficult. Basically all the same things I say on Mothering […]Continue reading “Happy Father’s Day — Brilliant Ladies’ Handbag Club”

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