A baby gone

created by two an innocent being blonde hair blue eyes heart beating ever so fast given up at birth you had a choice though you gave her a name you let her go you cut the cord not once but twice out of love or pain one may never know -Elizabeth Casalaspro

My view on adopting

This is strictly my opinion about adopting a child. I am an adoptee so I would like to make some suggestions to parents that are seriously thinking about adoption. I believe you should have somewhat of an open adoption. I truly think that you need to know the background of the biological parents. You needContinue reading “My view on adopting”

My initial call to the adoption agency

I am not sure exactly when it was in 1993 but I made a call to the adoption agency in Lansing Michigan. This was the year my first born was born. I also got back with his father. That was the second worse decision that I ever did. The first bad decision was getting withContinue reading “My initial call to the adoption agency”

Life events that made me search for my birth mother

On August 28th 1993 I had my first born. I had some of my family there with me but I did not have my son’s father there. I think I need to explain my first pregnancy a little further. When I first got pregnant I kept it from my parents as long as I possibleContinue reading “Life events that made me search for my birth mother”

Taking it all in as a teen

My life as a teen was so emotionally draining. As a young teenage female my body was already going through a physical change not to mention a hormonal change. On top of that I was beginning to take in the facts of being adopted. Then my heart started to hurt from the questions weighing deepContinue reading “Taking it all in as a teen”

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