Cleaning hacks to save money in 2022

Washing clothes- Mix vinegar with off brand fabric softener to soften and freshen your wash. No more spending a fortune on brand names! Drying clothes-spray dryer balls with your favorite aromatherapy and reuse over and over in dryer. No more dryer sheets! To clean your washer-use a 1/2 cup of vinegar and a 1/2 cupContinue reading “Cleaning hacks to save money in 2022”

I lost my brother

Yesterday morning my 52 year old brother died suddenly. This brings back my point that blood is NOT thicker than water. If we want to put a title on it he is my adopted older brother. I am numb. It does seem real sometimes and other times it completely overwhelms me at the thought ofContinue reading “I lost my brother”

How I feel today…

As I have watched and listened to my Mom these last two weeks after my older brother Matt passed away suddenly I have felt how much she loves all of her children. She has lost a part of her heart but she still has been there for my other brother and I in every wayContinue reading “How I feel today…”

What adopted parents should NOT do

I am an adoptee. I have a few things that I strongly suggest adopted parents do not do. You want the best possible relationship with your child that you can have. As you are considering adoption or in the process of adoption you have to prepare for the fact that your child will more thanContinue reading “What adopted parents should NOT do”

A biological death in the family

As I posted a week ago I lost my brother. He was three years older than me. I always considered him my brother not my adopted brother but in order for people to understand this blog I have to call him my adopted Brother. He lives in Michigan and I live in Florida. My oldestContinue reading “A biological death in the family”


Adult Adoption The many reasons to adopt an adult Adult adoptions are more common than ever, and they can occur in a wide range of situations. Stepparents often adopt their grown stepchildren, and foster parents often adopt their long-time foster children when they reach 18 years of age. Adult adoption makes sense in other situations,Continue reading “ADULT ADOPTION? YES!”

How adoption effects me.

As I started this blog I have been able to release things that I have held inside for a very long time. It has really helped me to mend wounds that I did not even realize I had. I do not want to label myself a victim but I do believe adoptees struggle every dayContinue reading “How adoption effects me.”

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