Messages to Adoptees from Society — Your Secret My Story

It sends a very clear message that the child’s needs are a secondary consideration. I firmly believe that a law should exist that makes it compulsory that the identity of both the biological mother and father are on all birth certificates. No child should have to be a victim of identity bewilderment due to their […]Continue reading “Messages to Adoptees from Society — Your Secret My Story”

How the possible turn of Roe v.Wade could effect adoption….

First of all, we all should understand that if this happens the high court gives the decision back to the states to decide when abortion can be legal, not legal, or the time frames of legal abortion. People jump to the conclusion that abortion will just be illegal period. We should be happy that itContinue reading “How the possible turn of Roe v.Wade could effect adoption….”

Finally! My adoption records!

After almost a year in a half I received my adoption records from Michigan. I needed my biological mom’s permission. I did not receive my birth certificate yet. i will have to write to the judge for that. I have to say that it gave me a sense of identity. My original name was ChristinaContinue reading “Finally! My adoption records!”

Adoption no no’s

As an adoptee myself I think I have a fair perspective of the dos and dont’s of adoption. Unless you have been adopted you could not possibly know how it feels. Adoptees in general are very thankful that a family shared their love with them. It takes a very special mom and dad to reachContinue reading “Adoption no no’s”

Military adoptions

Sorry that I have not written a blog lately. I have started getting more involved with Goats, chickens and ducks. It takes some time in the beginning to get it going well. I have made mistakes now I have researched it out. “Better to be prepared then have to get prepared”. I saw some informationContinue reading “Military adoptions”

Should You Publish Your Book as a Paperback, Audiobook, or Both?

Originally posted on Nicholas C. Rossis: This is a guest post by Junaid Ali, a full-time blogger at The Character Counter. He has successfully grown … Should You Publish Your Book as a Paperback, Audiobook, or Both?

Cleaning hacks to save money in 2022

Washing clothes- Mix vinegar with off brand fabric softener to soften and freshen your wash. No more spending a fortune on brand names! Drying clothes-spray dryer balls with your favorite aromatherapy and reuse over and over in dryer. No more dryer sheets! To clean your washer-use a 1/2 cup of vinegar and a 1/2 cupContinue reading “Cleaning hacks to save money in 2022”

I lost my brother

Yesterday morning my 52 year old brother died suddenly. This brings back my point that blood is NOT thicker than water. If we want to put a title on it he is my adopted older brother. I am numb. It does seem real sometimes and other times it completely overwhelms me at the thought ofContinue reading “I lost my brother”

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