John Murry’s Adopted Relationship to William Faulkner

John Murry It’s not hard for me to be drawn into any adoption story. As a writer, I am of course aware of William Faulkner. As a result of … John Murry’s Adopted Relationship to William Faulkner

Adopting Birth Siblings — Rosemary Lucas

Adoption is complex. Situations rarely straightforward. One thing that struck me throughout our adoption journey was just how much was outside of our control. Often our future lay firmly in the hands of people we’d never met. Decisions made from words in lengthy reports. Strangers at panel who could make or break our dreams. Another […]Continue reading “Adopting Birth Siblings — Rosemary Lucas”

Adoptees, biological siblings and counseling

/ The more that I research adoption I have come to realize that so much focus is on the adoptees and their mental state that we tend to forget that the biological siblings and the adopted siblings may need counseling as well. Siblings suffer on both ends. I know that my adopted brothers had aContinue reading “Adoptees, biological siblings and counseling”

Adoptees Deserve Better

Steve Inskeep, is a co-host of NPR’s “Morning Edition” and “Up First.” He is an adoptee and an adoptive father. He penned an op-ed in the New York … Adoptees Deserve Better My adoption in 1972 was a closed adoption. Today I have had to get my birth mother and birth father to both writeContinue reading “Adoptees Deserve Better”

Adopted family verses biological

I have had experiences as an adoptee with the families not understanding my love for all of my family. I am sure there are millions out there struggling with the same issues. We need to get out feelings out there on this topic in #adoption. My first example would be my biological sister. She hasContinue reading “Adopted family verses biological”

Rejection/adoption Above is a sermon from today. Our Pastor spoke about rejection. Feelings of rejection is a huge part of the adoption process. This is why I have posted it in my Adoption blog. Thank you to The Father’s House for the video.

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