A December babe

On a cold December day in seventy two A child was born A secret to a few A mother full of regret A father without a clue Handed over to the state A blue eyed babe Where life was all new What did the babe do to deserve such a fate -Elizabeth Casalaspro

Mental Health Matters: Adoption with Dr. Masters — K E Garland

This week, I had the privilege of discussing adoption, adoptees, adoptive parents, and foster care with Marchita Masters, PsyD, who not only has worked with foster care children in several settings, but who has also adopted a child. Our conversation can be viewed on YouTube or listened to on SoundCloud or Apple Podcasts. I hope […]Continue reading “Mental Health Matters: Adoption with Dr. Masters — K E Garland”

Life now that I know my birth mother

My life did not change as much as I had thought it would after I finally met my birth mother. I was in an horrible relationship that kept me away from my home state where most of my adopted family lived and my birth mother’s family. I could probably count on my hands the timesContinue reading “Life now that I know my birth mother”

Chapter One: Little Faces — Powell Family Adoption

Photo by Kitty Powell Before we met, Mason and I individually desired to adopt. We even talked about it on our second date. After we married in 2016, we prayed that God would grow our family biologically, and planned to pursue adoption down the road. As the months of excitement achingly stretched into almost three […]Continue reading “Chapter One: Little Faces — Powell Family Adoption”

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