Losing a sibling in adoption

I was called on July 9 just before I arrived at church. The call was from my biological sister’s longtime partner. He called to tell me that my sister’s doctor came into the room to tell him that my sister had an infection in her foot and they would have to amputate it but sheContinue reading “Losing a sibling in adoption”

Politics are effecting adoption!

https://youtu.be/A7QEzDsJSQw Abortion is NOT just a political topic. It is so much more. Not only could it really take out our next generation but it is literally taking out our future doctors, nurses, teachers, firefighters, police officers, moms, and dads! We are God’s creation whether we chose to believe that or not. God gave usContinue reading “Politics are effecting adoption!”

Forgiveness in adoption

There are so many things in adoption that can cause anger, selfishness and voids. Adoption should be such a beautiful blessing. A blessing to the new parents that could not have thier own child or a blessing to the unwed young girl that loves her baby but has no means to raise a baby. SureContinue reading “Forgiveness in adoption”

Birthday season once again!

First I want to start this post by apologizing to my followers that I have been off the grid for some time. A lot has been going on lately. Once again I had a birthday come and go. This time it was my 50th! I really despise my birth birthday! My husband is really intoContinue reading “Birthday season once again!”

This abortion trend and adoption 2022

If we keep going the way we are with this administration and our liberal acting government we will not have adoption stories any longer due to easy access to abortions! You know the younger generation voted blue just because the far left promised to keep abortion legal in blue states! It should be sad toContinue reading “This abortion trend and adoption 2022”

How I cope with rejection in adoption

I have had several events in which I was rejection over my years of dealing with my biological family members. Speaking for myself of course I had these dreams and ideas of how it would be finding my birth mother as well as the rest of my biological family. As adoptees I think we canContinue reading “How I cope with rejection in adoption”