Abortion is a loss of life

I was listening to #moodyradio this morning. This is a Christian channel in Florida. I heard a young woman speaking about abortion. She said, “abortion is a loss for women.” She is so correct. As people picket and protest to keep abortion legal some of their chants and signs belittle the sense of loss andContinue reading “Abortion is a loss of life”

Adoption IS Trauma

Today’s adoptee story – Through writing this story, I became *very* angry with my biological mother for the first time since I met her almost ten … Adoption IS Trauma As an adoptee myself I know that there are specific things that I should be “grateful” for. I am grateful that my father worked everyContinue reading “Adoption IS Trauma”

Adoption and breastfeeding

https://breastfeedingusa.org/content/article/breastfeeding-your-adopted-baby-0 https://www.babycenter.com/baby/breastfeeding/breastfeeding-an-adopted-baby_8482 I personally never have thought about this. I have heard or watched Lifetime when nannies have which I thought was outrageously gross and demented. I do not know how I feel about an adopted mother breastfeeding. I am digging into it because I want to know how the body does it without pregnancy.Continue reading “Adoption and breastfeeding”

Support adoption stop abortion

Instead of preaching about no abortions and such we should be supporting adoption more. We should have counseling to tell women about the long term mental effects of abortion. We should put our money where our mouths are and financially support adoptions and mental help for pregnant women considering giving up their child. Abortion shouldContinue reading “Support adoption stop abortion”

Adoption blogs/podcasts in 2022

https://blog.feedspot.com/adoption_podcasts/ https://www.cradle.org/blog/check-out-these-adoption-blogs I find that reading blogs written by fellow adoptees or parents in adoption help me alot. I have not listened to an adoption podcast as of yet but that is a good support for those in adoption based families also. -Elizabeth

2022 goals in adoption

We need to change the laws in every state so an adoptee at the age of 18 is able to get their adoption records without a fight in court! It is every person’s right to know who their biological family is. As an adoptive it was not my choice to be given up to anotherContinue reading “2022 goals in adoption”

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