2022 goals in adoption

We need to change the laws in every state so an adoptee at the age of 18 is able to get their adoption records without a fight in court! It is every person’s right to know who their biological family is. As an adoptive it was not my choice to be given up to anotherContinue reading “2022 goals in adoption”

An adoptees birthday by Elizabeth

Today December 11th I was born 49 years ago. I feel like today was not a good day for those involved in my birth. This causes me to not want to celebrate today as “MY” birthday. I would rather celebrate on Good Friday 1973 when I came home to my parents. I feel that everyContinue reading “An adoptees birthday by Elizabeth”

Twitter thread upset me yesterday.

As soon as an adoptee dares to disagree with the savior narrative woven into adoption, and specifically transracial adoption, the adoptees assumed … Twitter thread upset me yesterday. People really need to think before they speak. Do not act like you know how another’s shoes feel if you have never worn them! I am adopted.Continue reading “Twitter thread upset me yesterday.”

Random Document, Day 4 — The Adoption Files

From Social workers notes on adoptive parents family units “Energetic towards adoption”. What does this mean? Of my adoptive fathers siblings mentioned as having four children each, none of the other siblings adopted. If they were energetic about adoption, wouldn’t they have adopted? Or maybe I and my younger brother were not the only people […]Continue reading “Random Document, Day 4 — The Adoption Files”

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